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what do u mean by audit?


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why did u choose this firm


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What is bank reconciliation ?

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Why Banking companies didn't show EBIT in income statement?

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Dear All, Could any body send me the format of Delivery Challan? What is Even Transfer and Branch Transfer?Please let me know if any body knows?


the difference between cost accounting and management accounting


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i have need full detail of tds rules and forms submitted dovetails


If a company is in loss, should it require to pay salary to their employees. If yes, how?

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When and who prepares Letter of credit and is any relation with bill of exchange? pleas breaf with examle.

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how many schedules are there in accounting?



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what is leverage n detail and tpoes of leverage with iagram?


if cash deposited in to bank what will be entry?

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suppose as a company i have to pay rennt to tennant but not paid it means payable so how can ipass the entry in tally is any another rent a/c under another head required to create.

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what are the rules and regulations of junior accountant


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In case of new admission of partner what will be the adjustment for the sharing ratios


what is payment method?How many payment method we can assign to company code.


A crushing unit blasted 1650Mts in the month of March 2009. The rate of Royalty to be paid is rs 35/- Per MT. Advance royalty was paid rs 250000/- on 1-3-2009. pass journal entries from the advance royalty


For the production of 10,000 units the following are the budgeting expenses: Per Unit Rs. Direct materials 60 Direct labour 30 Variable overhead 25 Fixed overhead (Rs.1,50,000) 15 Selling expenses (10% fixed) 15 Variable expenses (direct) 5 Administrative expenses (Rs.50,000 fixed) 5 Distribution expenses (20% fixed) 5 Total cost of sales per unit 160 Prepare the flexible budget for the production of 6,000 , 7,000 ,and 8,000 units of production


what are the rules and regulations of junior accountant


MMT and MID payment how post in tally


what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when gross margin decreases?


what is the cost and financial accounting? what is double entry system ?


i did mba finance in 2010,but i came from life sciences to mba,i know in interview they ask y u came from sciences,so what i tell?pls reply me.


what is absorbtion coasting?


what are the financial ratios that a manager see in accounting?


What is the journal entry for Call and a Put option both in the books of buyer and seller


Define Salry for the following purpose 1.To calculate HRA


sir i am working consruction company.we have 4 projects in varrious places.i enter attendance in payroll by project wise.if enter autofill salaries combained all projects.i want individual salaries base on attendance feeding method.because staff are changing in one project to another project offenly.please explain method


what is tds rate of WCT applay for sale tax ragistard company.