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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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A worker has time rate of Rs. 15/hr. He makes 720 units of a component (standard time 5 minutes/unit in a week of 48 hours). His total wages including Rowan bonus for the week is _____. A. Rs. 792; B. Rs. 820; C. Rs. 840; D. Rs. 864.

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Zee Ltd. uses material—A for the production of Product M. The safety stock of material A is 300 units; the supplier quotes a delivery delay of two or three weeks. If the company uses 500 to 800 units a week according to the activity levels, the re–order level of material–A will be A. 2300 units; B. 2400 units; C. 2700 units; D. 28 units.


In activity based costing, costs are accumulated by A. Cost objects; B. Cost benefit analysis; C. Cost pool; D. None of the above.


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what are the types of leasing and their accounting entries?

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What is the difference between TIN no. and CST no.?

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accounting principals

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Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real account and not nominal or personal account? I know anything which affect trading & Profit & Loss accounts are nominal accounts.And the above do not affect the Trading or P/L accounts but on the other hand they are intangible and neither can they fall under real accounts as Real accounts are those that are not personal and they are tangible. Again in another way if we see, Patents, Copyright ,Goodwill etc. etc. kindoff acts as a representative of a person or a company like in the same way as a Bank or Company name,so they can they not fall under Personal Account??

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please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)?


Define elaborately what is DIVIDEND

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A company staff's visa procedure's expenes are treated as indirect expense or not. please give the journal entry and tally posting.

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sale tax which place effected

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we calculate appreciation for asset what is it?


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what is different between LC's and BG's


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On 01-04-2006 Mr. Dhanpal started business with Rs.2,00,000 cash and opened a bank account with Rs.1,50,000. He purchased furniture for his business for Rs.25,000. Goods were bought from Deendayal for Rs.50,000 on credit. He sold goods for Rs.27,000 in cash and 30,000 on credit. He paid Rs. 2,500 for business expenses during April month. Rs. 10,000 was withdrawn for office purposes from the bank. Find out the closing balance of cash and bank.

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1)What will be the journal entry for these? a) Salary paid to Ganesh b)Sum of Rs 200 realized for sale of old furniture 2)Goods sold on credit for Rs 100

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Short Answer on __________Trade


helo sir, i want to know the writen exam pattern for finance and accounts ang general apptitude test of ongc.


Suppose My received Interest Income is 24934.59 And for the same time my Bank Charge total is 7785.19. Now the total Bank Charge will be deducted from Interest Income and the amount of (24934.59-7785.19)=17149.40 will be withdrawn to deposit in govt. Account.What will be the Journal Entry for 17149.40. Here, Already Bank Charge 7785.40 is Already Debited and 24934.59 is already credited in Journal.


Define Bill of Exchange


service tax form no ? What is CC Limit ? What is branch accounts?


why the RRB'S not lend loans directly to farmers?


How you implemented a chargeback system?


what is the meaning of Processing Vendor/Employee payments


What is re-financing in Letter of Credit settlement


what are the certificates needed at the time of SBI clerical interview?


Short Answer on ________Adjusting Entries


Please explain a Representative Personal Account.


Who to create a budget on software company


What type of questions in accouting point of respect they ask genrally plz help me find out this.


I have complited my ERP course in FICO module. Now I want to work in ERP package. Please suggest me how I will apply for the organisation works in ERP environment.