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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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Define Accrual & what is accrual interest?

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difference between retail invoice & tax invoice


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In sales what rule applicable


Define Trial Balance?


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What is Liquidity

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What is periodicity concept

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Name the Errors Which the Trial balance cannot detect

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let me know the meaning and Nature of cash


let me know the meaning of Drawer,Drawee and payee of the cheque

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Define bank Cheque

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what are the different causes for discrepencybetween the balance of cash book and pass book


Let me know the chronological order to reach final accounts begining with Journalisation

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what is assessment

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Debut increases,Credit decreases in-------------- Credit increases, debit decreases in-------------

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basic concepts relating to final acount

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What's the meaning of Preferential Creditor?


What is limit of turnover for registering under CST & limit of Form 'C '


.,can someone tell me how to compute the subscribed capital share?


we can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of options,convertible debentures,warrants etc.Why diluted eps is calculated separately?


A----------involves transfer of money or moneys worth from one person to another


Let me know the difference between cash flow and free cash flow


what s BSPL and its significance?


Your company code use USD as the company currency. You are trying to post to an account in EUR but get an error message that you can see the problem. What is the reason?( any 1 answer) • The currency maintained in the account master record is USD • The translation rate between EUR and USD is NOT maintained • The only balances in local currency indictor is set in the account. • The account determination for exchange rate difference is missing for the account


how enter service bill in the tally and what is the process of service bill. aganst service charge @ 10.3%, sercharge 2% cess 1%


what is Sums on Finalization of Accounts?


wat is the fundamental analysys& technical analasys?and wat is the difference bewween fundamental analysys&technical analasys?


What is SOX


what would you contribute for bhels growth


What is meant by consignment


What is compensation theorem?