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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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how to prepare mba finance for interview questions


what you mean by cross dunning




What do we mean by the term "Securities" when we say that "Govt injecting/sucking liquidity in/out of the system by buying/selling securities?


How to enter PO in SAP


What is the working formula for Inventory turnover


What is the rate of basic excise duty and specific duty And I want to know that how can I see that vat rate in up ,excise duty and tds details Please tell me site plese


If DEBT/EQUITY ratio 2:1, is to good or bad for a company? how...??? can u explain it...???


Explain why the assets of a partnership are usually revalued before the admission of a new partner or the retirement of an existing partner


what are the purpose for the preparation of cost centre ?


Explain Cash Basis of accounting


---------is the main or principle book of accounts


What problems might be encountered if there were no accounting standards?


You use the accounts approach for parallel valuation in a new G/L system. If you used the ledger approach instead. Which objects would be different? ( any 3 answer) Chart of accounts Financial statement version Depreciation areas Asset classes Leading ledger


What is money measurement concept