C Interview Questions
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what does ‘Bus Error’ mean?


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Define function pointers?

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How do you initialize function pointers? Give an example?

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where can function pointers be used?

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what are bitwise shift operators?

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what are bit fields? What is the use of bit fields in a structure declaration?


what is the size of an integer variable?

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what are the files which are automatically opened when a c file is executed?

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what is the little endian and big endian?

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what is the use of fflush() function?

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what is the difference between exit() and _exit() functions?

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where does malloc() function get the memory?

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what is the difference between malloc() and calloc() function?

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what is the difference between postfix and prefix unary increment operators?

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what is the difference between strcpy() and memcpy() function?

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How to draw the flowchart for structure programs?


I was asked to write a program in c which when executed displays how many no.of clients are connected to the server.


what is the syallabus of computer science students in group- 1?


which type of aspect you want from the student.


please give me a VIRTUSA sample palcement papers.... you will only send TECHNICAL SECTION..... that is help for me Advance Thanks........................


`write a program to display the recomended action depends on a color of trafic light using nested if statments


what is the role you expect in software industry?


Write a function expand(s1,s2) that expands shorthand notations like a-z in the string s1 into the equivalent complete list abc...xyz in s2 . Allow for letters of either case and digits, and be prepared to handle cases like a-b-c and a-z0-9 and -a-z. z-a:zyx......ba -1-6-:-123456- 1-9-1:123456789987654321 a-R-L:a-R...L a-b-c:abbc


how can i write a program that prints out a box such that whenever i press any key8(coordinate number) on the keyboard, the box moves.


Create a registration form application by taking the details like username, address, phone number, email with password and confirm password (should be same as password).Ensure that the password is of 8 characters with only numbers and alphabets. Take such details for 3 users and display the details. While taking input password must appear as “****”.


Hai what is the different types of versions and their differences


write a program to convert a expression in polish notation(postfix) to inline(normal) something like make 723+* (2+3) x 7 (not sure) just check out its mainly printing expression in postfix form to infix.


Difference between Shallow copy and Deep copy?


int far *near * p; means


How to write a program for machine which is connected with server for that server automatically wants to catch the time for user of that machine?