C Interview Questions
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what does ‘Bus Error’ mean?


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Define function pointers?

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How do you initialize function pointers? Give an example?

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where can function pointers be used?

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what are bitwise shift operators?

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what are bit fields? What is the use of bit fields in a structure declaration?


what is the size of an integer variable?

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what are the files which are automatically opened when a c file is executed?

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what is the little endian and big endian?

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what is the use of fflush() function?

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what is the difference between exit() and _exit() functions?

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where does malloc() function get the memory?

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what is the difference between malloc() and calloc() function?

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what is the difference between postfix and prefix unary increment operators?

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what is the difference between strcpy() and memcpy() function?

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Which driver is a pure java driver


In cryptography, you could often break the algorithm if you know what was the original (plain) text that was encoded into the current ciphertext. This is called the plain text attack. In this simple problem, we illustrate the plain text attack on a simple substitution cipher encryption, where you know each letter has been substituted with a different letter from the alphabet but you don’t know what that letter is. You are given the cipherText as the input string to the function getwordSets(). You know that a plain text "AMMUNITION" occurs somewhere in this cipher text. Now, you have to find out which sets of characters corresponds to the encrypted form of the "AMMUNITION". You can assume that the encryption follows simple substitution only. [Hint: You could use the pattern in the "AMMUNITION" like MM occurring twice together to identify this]


Why is event driven programming or procedural programming, better within specific scenario?


#include { printf("Hello"); } how compile time affects when we add additional header file .


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


What is mean by Data Driven framework in QTP? Can any one answer me in details on this regard.


what is the difference between north western polytechnique university and your applied colleges?? please give ur answers for this. :)


why return type of main is not necessary in linux


please send me the code for multiplying sparse matrix using c


program to find error in linklist.(i.e find whether any node point wrongly to previous nodes instead of next node)


i have to apply for the rbi for the post of officers. i need to know abt the entrance questions whether it may be aps or techinical....


i want to switch my career from quailty assurance engineering to development kindly guide me from which programming language its better for me to start plz refer some courses or certifications too i have an experience of 1.5 yrs in QA field.Kindly guide me


How will you find a duplicate number in a array without negating the nos ?


What is the code for 3 questions and answer check in VisualBasic.Net?


write a progrmm in c language take user interface generate table using for loop?