C Interview Questions
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what does ‘Bus Error’ mean?


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Define function pointers?

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How do you initialize function pointers? Give an example?

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where can function pointers be used?

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what are bitwise shift operators?

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what are bit fields? What is the use of bit fields in a structure declaration?


what is the size of an integer variable?

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what are the files which are automatically opened when a c file is executed?

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what is the little endian and big endian?

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what is the use of fflush() function?

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what is the difference between exit() and _exit() functions?

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where does malloc() function get the memory?

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what is the difference between malloc() and calloc() function?

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what is the difference between postfix and prefix unary increment operators?

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what is the difference between strcpy() and memcpy() function?

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Badboy is defined who has ALL the following properties: Does not have a girlfriend and is not married. He is not more than 23 years old. The middle name should be "Singh" The last name should have more than 4 characters. The character 'a' should appear in the last name at least two times. The name of one of his brothers should be "Ram" Write a method: boolean isBadBoy(boolean hasGirlFriend , boolean isMarried, int age , String middleName , String lastName , String[] brotherName); isHaveGirlFriend is true if the person has a girlfriend isMarried is true if the person is married age is the age of the person middleName is the middle name of the person lastName is the last name of the person brotherName is the array of the names of his brothers


how to find binary of number?


How to write a code for implementing my own printf() and scanf().... Please hep me in this... I need a guidance... Can you give an coding for c... Please also explain about the header files used other than #include...


Write a progarm to find the length of string using switch case?


a single linked list consists of nodes a to z .print the nodes in reverse order from z to a using recursion


write a program to print largest number of each row of a 2D array


void main(int n) { if(n==0) return; main(--n); printf("%d ",n); getch(); } how it work and what will be its output...............it any one know ans plz reply


hello freinds next week my interview in reliance,nybody has an idea about it intervew questions..so tell


what is the basis for selection of arrays or pointers as data structure in a program


if p is a string contained in a string?


write a c program in such a way that if we enter the today date the output should be next day's date.


how to create duplicate link list using C???


`write a program to display the recomended action depends on a color of trafic light using nested if statments


how much salary u want ? why u join in our company? your domain is core sector why u prefer software ?


using only #include and #include Write a program in C that will read an input from the user and print it back to the user if it is a palindrome. The string ends when it encounters a whitespace. The input string is at most 30 characters. Assume the string has no spaces and distinguish between and lowercase. So madam is a palindrome, but MadAm is not a palindrome. Use scanf and %s to read the string. Sample Test: Enter a string: madam madam is a palindrome. Enter a string: 09023 09023 is not a palindrome.