C Interview Questions
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How do you access command-line arguments?

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what does ‘#include’ mean?


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what is the difference between #include<> and #include”…”?

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what are # pragma staments?


what is the most appropriate way to write a multi-statement macro?

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what is the disadvantage of using macros?


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what is the self-referential structure?

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can a union be self-referenced?

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What is a pointer?


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What is the Lvalue and Rvalue?

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what is a void pointer?

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why arithmetic operation can’t be performed on a void pointer?

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compare array with pointer?

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what is a NULL pointer?

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what does ‘segmentation violation’ mean?

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Explain the process of converting a Tree into a Binary Tree.


what is ur strangth & weekness


Read the following data in two different files File A: aaaaaaaadddddddd bbbbbbbbeeeeeeee ccccccccffffffff File B: 11111111 22222222 33333333 By using the above files print the following output or write it in the Other file as follows aaaaaaaa11111111dddddddd bbbbbbbb22222222eeeeeeee cccccccc33333333ffffffffffff


write a program to print the consecutive repeated character from the given string... input string is : hhhhjkutskkkkkggggj output should be like this: hhhhkkkkkgggg anyone help me...


main() { static char *s[]={"black","white","yellow","voilet"}; char **ptr[]={s+3,s+2,s+1,s}, ***p; p=ptr; **++p; printf("%s",*--*++p+3); }


why programs in c are running with out #include? some warnings are display in terminal but we execute the program we get answer why? eg: main() { printf("hello world "); }


a) Identify the following declarations. Ex. int i (integer variable) float a[l0](array of 10 real nos) int (*f())() void *f int (*f()) [] void *f int f[] [] [] char *(*f) () int (*f[]) [] float(*f) [] [] float **f int ******f


program to find out date after adding 31 days to a date in the month of febraury also consider the leap year


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


cavium networks written test pattern ..


Write a program to compute the similarity between two strings - The program should get the two strings as input - Then it will output one single number which is the percentage of similarity between the two strings


5 Write an Algorithm to find the maximum and minimum items in a set of ‘n’ element.


Q.1 write a program to create binary tree 1 to 16 numbers? Q.2 write a program to creat a binary search tree for the member that is given by user?


find the output? void r(int a[],int c, int n) { if(c>n) { a[c]=a[c]+c; r(a,++c,n); r(a,++c,n); } } int main() { int i,a[5]={0}; r(a,0,5); for(i=0;i<5;i++) printf("\n %d",a[i]); getch(); }


what will be the output for the following main() { printf("hi" "hello"); }