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how to swap two integers 1 and 32767 without using third variable

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difference between ordinary variable and pointer in C?

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application attempts to perform an operation?


how logic is used


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and displays the global TIMEZONE.


what is use of malloc and calloc?


why programming language C is still used in operating system's kernel??


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c program to arrange digits in a no in ascending and descending order

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1.)how to find d most repeated word in a string? string ="how do you do"?? output should be do

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what value is returned to operating system after program execution?


what will be maximum number of comparisons when number of elements are given?


What is the output of the program #include #include void main() {0 int i,j=20; clrscr(); for(i=1;i<3;i++) { printf("%d,",i); continue; printf("%d",j); break; } getch(); }

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what is the c.


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int n=1; while(1) { switch(n) { case 1:printf("a"); n++; continue; case 2:printf("b"); n++; continue; default : printf("c"); break; } break; }

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main() { int i; printf("%d",i^i); }

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if p is a string contained in a string?


Write a C program that will accept a hexadecimal number as input and then display a menu that will permit any of the following operations to be carried out: Display the hexadecimal equivalent of the one's complement. (b) Carry out a masking operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (c) Carry out a bit shifting operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (d) Exit. If the masking operation is selected, prompt the user lor the type of operation (bitwise and, bitwise exclusive or, or bitwise or) and then a (hexadecimal) value for the mask. If the bit shifting operation is selected. prompt the user for the type of shift (left or right), and then the number of bits. Test the program with several different (hexadecimal) input values of your own choice.


Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false




Write the program that calculates and prints the average of several integers. Assume that the last value read is sentinel 9999.


please explain every phase in the "SDLC" in the dotnet.


what is the role you expect in software industry?


to print the salary of an employee according to follwing calculation: Allowances:HRA-20% of BASIC,DA-45% of BASIC,TA-10%. Deductions:EPF-8% of BASIC,LIC-Rs.200/-Prof.Tax:Rs.200/- create c language program?


Write a c program to build a heap method using Pointer to function and pointer to structure ?


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I was asked to write a program in c which when executed displays how many no.of clients are connected to the server.


#define f(g,h) g##h main O int i=0 int var=100 ; print f ("%d"f(var,10));} wat would be the output??


In this assignment you are asked to write a multithreaded program to find the duplicates in an array of 10 million integers. The integers are between -5000,000 to 5000,000 and are generated randomly. Use 10 threads, each thread works on 1000,000 integers. Compare the time needed to accomplish the task with single thread of execution program. Do not include the time to fill the array with integers in the execution time.


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1) There is a singing competition for children going to be conducted at a local club. Parents have been asked to arrive at least an hour before and register their children’s names with the Program Manager. Whenever a participant registers, the Program Manager has to position the name of the person in a list in alphabet order. Write a program to help the Program Manager do this by placing the name in the right place each time the Program Manger enters a name. 2) the Event Manager has to send participants to the stage to perform in the order in which they registered. Write a program that will help the Event Manager know who to call to the stage to perform. The Logic should be in Data Structures