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C Interview Questions
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count the numbers between 100 and 300, that star with 2 and ends with 2

Mind Tree,

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wat is the difference between array and pointer?


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how to go with this?


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what is the need for main function in c?

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main() { float f1=10.5; double db1=10.5 if(f1==db1) printf("a"); else printf("b") }


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main() { static int ivar=5; printf("%d",ivar--); if(ivar) main(); }


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Program to find largest of three numbers without using comparsion operator?

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A set of N billiard balls are set on a one-dimensional table. The table is 1 meter long, set north-south with two pockets at either side. Each ball has zero width and there is no friction so it is moving with a fixed velocity of either northward or southward and bounces back in a perfect elastic collision from other balls it encounter on its way (or drop into one of the pockets). Your job is to keep track of the balls movements. Task Please write a program that gets the initial place, speed and direction of all the balls and gives the position of a specific ball after t seconds. Input The first line contains the number of scenarios. Each one of the other lines in the input contains a scenario: The first number, N, is the number of balls; followed by N pairs of numbers: the distance in centimeters from the south end of the table and the speed (positive speed meaning it moves northward); the last two numbers are the number i of the target ball you should track and the time T in seconds. Output The output is a single number for each line which is the place (distance in centimeters from the south end of the table) of the tracked ball after T seconds. Note: There is no new line character at the end of the result. Sample Input 5 1 50 1 1 1000 1 50 1 1 6 1 60 -2 1 6 2 10 1 95 -1 2 30 2 10 1 95 -1 2 60 Sample Output 100 56 48 65 70


errors in computer programmes are called


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How can I find leaf node with smallest level in a binary tree?

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why we are using semicolon at the end of printh statment


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how many errors in c explain deply



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write a programming in c language, 1 3 5 7 9 11


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nic scientist exam


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write a program in c language to print your bio-data on the screen by using functions.


What is main () in c?


What is scanf_s in c?


What is cohesion in c?


Which is better malloc or calloc?


What are Macros? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


What is uint8 in c?


What is the difference between mpi and openmp?


Can you assign a different address to an array tag?


What is c value paradox explain?


What is ponter?


When a c file is executed there are many files that are automatically opened what are they files?


Difference between exit() and _exit() function?


how to create duplicate link list using C???


1) There is a singing competition for children going to be conducted at a local club. Parents have been asked to arrive at least an hour before and register their children’s names with the Program Manager. Whenever a participant registers, the Program Manager has to position the name of the person in a list in alphabet order. Write a program to help the Program Manager do this by placing the name in the right place each time the Program Manger enters a name. 2) the Event Manager has to send participants to the stage to perform in the order in which they registered. Write a program that will help the Event Manager know who to call to the stage to perform. The Logic should be in Data Structures