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C Interview Questions
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what is unsigened char and what is the difference from char

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how does a general function , that accepts an array as a parameter, "knows" the size of the array ? How should it define it parameters list ?

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what is the difference between : func (int list[], ...) or func (int *list , ....) - what is the difference if list is an array and if also if list is a pointer

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difference between string and array?

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what is the difference between c and c++?

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write a program which counts a product of array elements lower than 10.

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write a program to delete an item from a particular location of an linear array?

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what type of errors are checked during compilation

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How to run c Program without using IDE of c. means if program made in notepad.then how to compile by command prompt.


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what is a pointer

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what is the use of macro program


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wht is the difference between KPO and BPO ?

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a simple program in c language


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what is the Output? int a=4 b=3; printf("%d%d%d%d%d%d",a++,++a,a++,a++,++a,a++); printf("%d%d%d%d%d%d",b--,b--,--b,b--,--b,--b);


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int main(){ float f=8.0; if(f==8.0) printf("good"); else printf("bad"); } what is the answere and explain it?

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Why we use stdio h in c?


What is a program flowchart?


How is actual parameter different from the formal parameter?


What is a stream?


why to assign a pointer to null sometimes??how can a pointer we declare get assigned with a garbage value by default???


Is it better to use malloc() or calloc()?


What is the equivalent code of the following statement in WHILE LOOP format?


What is union and structure?


Write a C program that will accept a hexadecimal number as input and then display a menu that will permit any of the following operations to be carried out: Display the hexadecimal equivalent of the one's complement. (b) Carry out a masking operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (c) Carry out a bit shifting operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (d) Exit. If the masking operation is selected, prompt the user lor the type of operation (bitwise and, bitwise exclusive or, or bitwise or) and then a (hexadecimal) value for the mask. If the bit shifting operation is selected. prompt the user for the type of shift (left or right), and then the number of bits. Test the program with several different (hexadecimal) input values of your own choice.


What's the total generic pointer type?


How do you convert a decimal number to its hexa-decimal equivalent.Give a C code to do the same


This is a variation of the call_me function in the previous question:call_me (myvar)int *myvar;{ *myvar += 5; }The correct way to call this function from main() will be a) call_me(myvar) b) call_me(*myvar) c) call_me(&myvar) d) expanded memory


How do you sort filenames in a directory?


What is a dynamic array in c?


while initialization of array why we use a[][2] why not a[2][]...?