Architecture Design Interview Questions
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In the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh, how in your opinion should the predominantly mud structures be protected or conserved, Pualina

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As an architect, how do you blend contemplory materials used in construction with the natural?

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I am building a house in Iowa by the strict requirements and dimensionality of Sthapatya-ved. As you probably know, these dimensions are specific to certain harmonic structures generated by the architectural style and my astologic chart. The outer walls will be approximately 10.5 inches thick. I would like to use some sort of straw/clay mixture, but I also live in a very cold climate. It is not unusual to have -10 degree temperatures for several weeks on end. I have friends who built with rammed earth and their environment is miserable during winter, always fighting the fly-wheeling of energy in the earth structure. Can you shed any light on the true insulation value of a straw clay mixture in this climate.

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Have you heard about any earth bag project implemented in Poalnd ? I have some doubts if our climate is suitable for this kind of system.


Do you have any ideas on how we could build a single vault and use lower embodied energy products?

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If igloos and golf balls have any relation to the structure of domes, if so which were made first? and when were they supposedly invented?

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Iam an architecture student doing research about the vernacular architecture of the indian temples as well as that of domestic japan, please send me information as soon as possible.

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How the Islamic Iwan or stalactite vaulting is accomplished with brick or stone?


what advice do you have for Architectural Draughtsmanship student who wish to became architects?



Iam studying architecture in India. I have an interest in vernacular arcjitecture. I want to specialize in that, so what are the ways for that, after graduation?

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Iam commiting an argument that postmodern architecture is copied. In particular I am researching into the structure of domes. If you could give me any advise or references to back my argument it would be much appreciated.

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Australian architecture should be much the same as American architecture because they both came from British influence and were founded at about the same time. I was hoping you could give me some insight on that and tell me if I should change my hypothesis.


What are the properties of anthill/termites soil and its use in construction?

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What does the term "green architecture" mean?

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what are some disadvantages are for using using cement in building a home?


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what so you want to work?


Why were the Gothic Churches able to have large stain glass windows?


what is the difference between R/3 Internet sales and CRM Internet sales?can a plant be assigned to multiple company codes?can a sales org. be assigned?


I have completed my Diploma in architectre from Gujarat Technical board. I would like to do a Postal degree.Could you tell me which univercity will help me.How can i regester my name in IIA.


what are the differences of software life cycle models


What was your favorite pictures in the architecture of the Middle Ages? Why?


how many bags are used in 1sqm of brick bet coba


Dear Sir, I got 90kilowat and 3 face for my house.So which cable is the best for my home main line. Thanks Bashir Ahmed e-mail:


What is the vat & Services in interior decoration with material & give some example


what is the design architecture of cognos8?


how to measure 4mm,6mm,12mm,18mm plywood into a cubic meter and how many layers in a cubic meter


What details do you notice about the way this building is constructed? How does it differ from your own home?


what is the difference between R/3 Number range and CRM range?


What is the more accurate formula to convert wet concrete to dry aggregate instead of the 54% method?


what cut of marks in cgl2010 tier2