Architecture Design Interview Questions
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1 bag cement =who many seq er meters plastering (1:5)

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what are supports available in simply supported beam?

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What is water cement ratio?


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What is the more accurate formula to convert wet concrete to dry aggregate instead of the 54% method?

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What are the dimension of hollow bricks size

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how many registers are there in core i5 processor?


why we use stub column

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I am architecture student. What type of foundation is preferred in Alluvial soil ? where the soil texture is sandy loam...and also which type of foundation is used for steel structure which will be for 6 story building design


What is meant by OSI model?


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how many bags are used in 1sqm of brick bet coba


One House is being constructed by an Civil Engg. all pillars are as per structure, but north side there should be 4 pillars among two at back side were 6" inside from the border and remaining two comes front were placed 1'6" inside. is it ok as per vaastu, else if i alter the alignment what would be the best idea, kindly help me.


Which structure used for M100 grade of concrete


The telecommunications offered by the GSM PLMN may be divided into three main groups.what is it?


Why did the wall of Romanesque Churches have to be so thick?


how much steel is required for 40*35 ft roof slab41/2" thick.what is the spacing from bar to bar.


what type of mapping is most used in maya production house?


. A BSC can contain ___________ number of BCF packs.


What was your favorite pictures in the architecture of the Middle Ages? Why?


Is DataStage Designer, a thin client or a thick client?


Australian architecture should be much the same as American architecture because they both came from British influence and were founded at about the same time. I was hoping you could give me some insight on that and tell me if I should change my hypothesis.


How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?


what is the maximum depth at which the open foundation bridge can be done


what advice do you have for Architectural Draughtsmanship student who wish to became architects?


Dear Sir, I got 90kilowat and 3 face for my house.So which cable is the best for my home main line. Thanks Bashir Ahmed e-mail: