Architecture Design Interview Questions
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Green building has many positive effects on the environment. What are the most significant environmental benefits?

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How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?


What are the skills needed to get into architecture?

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What personal quality is important to be an architect?


What are the benefits of using natural materials and where does technology fit in?

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if earth building is diffused around the world in countries who need help for resources such as the ones earth ship can give?

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I would like to build in Southern Ohio, iIn a forest, some sun, lots of shade and some damp conditions. What would be some options for building green in these conditions?

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What methods and materials would you suggests for the Mediterranean environment?

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Explain about the natural building techniques, especially Cast Earth.

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Is there any information about building environmentally in the retarded South. (SC)?

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What kind of matirials would you use for building a house in earthquake land?

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We would like to experiment with some kind of eco-building here in this 'Tropical rain forest'. What kind of eco- building techniques do you suggest that we look into?

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I want to build a home by digging a large hole and cementing the floor and all walls, then making a slanted roof for water runoff, with windows on the south side. How will I keep a steady temperature of 68 degrees with no moisture?

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What's the best strategy to retroactively remodel to be greener?

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What details do you notice about the way this building is constructed? How does it differ from your own home?


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How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?