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Taxation Interview Questions
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About vat, service tax, tds, cenvat



mr. x earns a salary of rs. 34000 p.m, but mr. x assures that he is going to produce investment suppoting of rs. 69000 eligible u/s 80C but fails to produce how to throughtout the F.Y ho to calculate tds per month???


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Please let me know How to deduct TDS when we paid amt to the vendor in account payable and what procedure for doing payment of tds and how


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Hi can any one tell me why the form no 16 a are used and When, where and how to submit it ?

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What is purchase tax. ? Define .


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How to calculate TDS interest for the financial year 2010-11


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i want basic formula to find vat 4% from the total bill

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Whether C Form can be issued for the transactions that made 5-6 years back? What are the procedures?


What are the procedures for remitting WCT?



is it necessary to use form 38 in U.P. for out of state purchase at @5% CST

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is it necessary to use form38 in UP for purchase of goods from outside UP @5%CST Tax


What will be the rate of TDS on contractor if the amount paid in a year crosses Rs.75000/-

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Person received the gift this person is taxable or not. If It is taxable then which law (act)is aplicable and under section.....

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is WCT TDS should deducted on gross value (basic+service tax)?

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What are the relevent Scetions of Income Tax Act India, under which amount for TDS diductin ( on Services Invoices ) is calculated ? and which are important Cases of HC/SC regarding TDS on Service Tax Portion?

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My Total CTC is 12500(not gross salary), i am living in Mysore(non-metropoliton city) what will be the take home salary after deduction? thanks in advance.


I am working in footwear company at Himachal Pradesh. we want to send raw material - (leather) for Job work our other branch. now my question is that will have we any permission taken from excise & sale tax deppt.


what is the Difference between Compound Sales and Deemed Sales?


How can I Proceed to my client regarding Advertisement Bill as we are dealing in advertising agency and also clear us can we deduct TDS on their bill? For Example we receive a bill from The Sandesh Ltd. of Rs. 50000/- and they do not mention service tax in the bill. So, Kindly provide the Guidelines regarding This Problem.


which purchases is profitable for us a building material purchases from direct of contactor ?


CERTAIN LIST OF EXPENSES ARE MENTIONED IN SECTION 35D regarding amortisation of such expenses........not included in the list are expenses like administrative expenses,consultancy fees etc...if these expenses are of revenue nature then well and good enough, problem taken care of.If it is not of revenue nature nor is it included in the list, how do u treat such expenses. Do u capitalise them by way of fixed assets or sunk costs or what do u do? any case laws that talk about expenses not mentioned in the section?


What items fall under the category of ‘securities’?


how to calculate vat, st, cst, excise duty, customs duty, tds.


We are a UK company selling electronic s/w licenses to customer in India. We have a PAN Number. Why is TDS being deducted on a product? Why is TDS calculated on the invoice value - surely it is supposed to be on Income and not Turnover? What is the correct TDS % deduction?


if i have a comany take contract from gvt. & i take contract from that company, & in his bill he show about all tax deduction ike IT, WCT etc, but material is purchase by that company not by us so here i want to know how WCT applicable? on total amount of contract or according to rule like material service & after adding all things??


If I have bought goods from a seller in India and finally exported it to some other country, my understanding says I have to issue form H to seller to get cst exemption. My question is wether Bill of lading is must to be given to seller or not bcos if I give bill of lading to the seller from whom i haave bought material confidential information will go to seller as bill of lading will have buyers details...pls guide how to overcome this issue.


What is calculate of tds


what to in pro


At what rate firms are required to pay tax on their income?