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Taxation Interview Questions
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what is the procedure for Excisable goods transfer from Head office to branch and vice versa (the branch is located in the same state) also if the branch is located in other states. How will it affect the VAT returns


What is the general entry for TDS certificate received from the debtor of the company?

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when i worked finalisation of a firm during 2006-07under kerala vat act in 23-9-06 there is a advancesales tax RS 2170 paid by firm and inthe same month vatpayable is rS.5201 the advance tax is deducted from vatpayable that is 5201-2170=3031 is the vat payable during the month. what are the entries passed in computerised accounting during finalisation in this case please explain

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When and how Wct is applicable on Labour Job Work and what is the percentage?


I made donation which is covered u/s 35 (1)(ii)

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how i get h form


M paying salary of Rs. 22500/-, 21500/- & 17500/- to my employees, frm June 2010. I still have not deduct TDS from their salary. I have not applied for TAN No. M also paying rent of Rs. 50,000/- pm. And also have not deducted TDS on it. What should I do now?


what is mis


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i have paid P-TAX ( employee ) in EC code & P- TAX ( COMPANY)paid in RC can i solve this poblem?

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from pan card how can we know nature of payment(tds related)

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What is the exemption limit of senior citizen for F.Y. 2010- 11?

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1. Why some companies are not deducting the TDS or WCT on their clients Invoice.,? 2. How companies are getting exemption from Deduction TDS or WCT. ?. 3. What are the procedure for not to deduct the TDS or WCT on client invoice while making payment for their Invoice.?.


How to make a bill of software sale with service tax?


can we deduct tds of any government companies(state/central)

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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

what is the difference b/w deferred tax exp and defeered tax liab? should Deffered Tax expense be deducted b4 computing Net profit?


how to calculate vat, st, cst, excise duty, customs duty, tds.


What is the value of the Budget for 2009-10


What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ?


if i have a comany take contract from gvt. & i take contract from that company, & in his bill he show about all tax deduction ike IT, WCT etc, but material is purchase by that company not by us so here i want to know how WCT applicable? on total amount of contract or according to rule like material service & after adding all things??


how much TDS required in telecommunication services ? Any types of Telecommunication, provider or services receiver


how to get input credit in vat & service tax


if salary paid per month Rs 80000/ I will deduct TDS from his salary, please what I do explain.(send Urgently)


I have some queries about Service Tax, I am working in a Insurance Broking Company. 1) We have raised one bill on 25.04.09 for the services provided by us in the month Mar, 09 Now We received the chq on May, 09 followed in the Month of June,09. When the service tax is actually payable in the month of received of Service tax amount or in the month of services actually provided by us (Mar09) 2) Can we take 100% credit of Service Tax Input paid to those who provided services to us. Suppose Service Tax payable is Rs. 100/- and Service tax charged by the other firms/company Rs. 80/-. The question is That can we deduct Rs. 80/- (already paid). Now Net ST payable would be Rs. 20/- or other percent of service tax input is available 3) What is the rate of interest for Service tax if not paid on time. Pls help me out asap


as we are having are unit in a area where excise duty is not applicable and on my purchase i am paying excise duty can i take refund of the duty paid by me and what was is procedure? plz. replay to my on my id


what is rules of taxation


What is the commitment to the bankers against L/C ? They need any colletral Security or any deposit ? What is terms & conditions of L/c?


what is the method of work contract tax computation


what Is the ITc Claimed. how to utilized the ITC.


Is sales against H Form Either in Punjab or out of Punjab treated as Zero rated sales in vat 15 form in Window showing as Break up of Zero rated sales: Direct export out of country; Sales against H Forms Or it is treated as seprate