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Taxation Interview Questions
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How to reconcilation of modvat



On what amount of sale Excise Duty levied?

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i have a question that if i need to deduct wct on contract but the supplier don't have the vat registration what shoul be done?

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what is excise return form ?

Asha Chemicals,

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One bill of Rs.200000/- for Machinery hire issued by party, but total bill is reversed by me to party. In this matter what is the TDS Deduction entry I can made or not?

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What is VAt return form ?

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Knowledge of filing of various returns under companies act

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how to make monthly salary sheets.

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If suppose we wrongly deduct the TDS on professional fees then what to do?

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what mean by tds on vat?

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what is the Income tax updated slab?

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1. Is TDS asset or Liability ?. 2. Is TCS Asset or Liability ?. 3. Which is Debit side and Which is Credit Side in Balance Sheet ?.

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How to get the C form? If i am a registerd delear

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in the credit note vat amount is in vat on sale but next step whitch vat class is applicable input vat or out put vat ?

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what is input rebet on sale tax?


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should we can take modvat benefit any time or they have some limit time to take input benefit claim?


My client has not filled income tax return for ay-2013-14


What is Form 12A & Form-H and where is applicable.


what do u meant by investment banking


What is turnover limit for Auditing of Service Tax, VAT, Income Tax, Provident Fund, P. Tax and WCT? Please mail me at gautam_ch2 @ or call me at 09831707812.


What are the deductions under salary head? Name the items.


What is the value of the Budget for 2009-10


From Karnataka,while sending material out, which are all the states required Form 38?


how to calculate entry tax interest rate 2011-2012 assessment pending amt. is Rs.32000


is there any specific percentage related to lower tax deduction under tds


What do you understand by transfer income?


if a buyer paid full cst 14.5% for a redistrable assect then whatis the registration process?


what is the rate of interest when an assesse paid tax after the due date in the prescribed time limit?


what is cenvat credit? plz tell service tax interest rate and watz it procedure...


Suppose that a sub-contractor total work done for Rs.100 & he charged 10.3% service tax.Then total gross value will RS.110.30.On what amt you will (that means on total work done or total gross value)charged Retention@10%,WCT@3% & TDS@2%.