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What is VAt return form ?

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What is VAt return form ?..

Answer / raghvendra pratap singh

vat returen form is dvat16.for register dealer.and
composition scheme dealer dvat17.before submit your returen
u have fill davt 20 for challan.

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What is VAt return form ?..

Answer /

D VAT 16.

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What is VAt return form ?..

Answer / meena rawat

as per the UPVAT Act, form 24 is used for filing the
monthly returns and for 26, 26-A and form 26-B is filied
for whole year assessment.

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What is VAt return form ?..

Answer / satish kumar

In Haryana, there will be provision for Quarterly return
and yearly return. Monthly return in form VAT-R1 is to be
submitted within 1 month from the end of quarter. and
yearly return in VAT-R2 up to 30 Nov of A.Y.

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