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how to calculate sub contract tds his bill 48500?

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how to calculate tds?


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1. How to calculate vat @4% on a bill which also suffers Service Tax @ 10.30%. ie. Whether i hav to calculate on the basic or on the sum of Basic + service Tax. kindly clarify in this regard immdly. because som part of people says it sholud b calculated on the basic, another part of people says it should be calculated on the sum of Basic + Service tax.... 2. when we deduct TDS for the invoice? ie. In the invoice which suffers Vat & also Service tax or the invoice which suffers only Service Tax? Kindly clarify me immdly.

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what to in pro



Hi, I am working in MNC, I Want to Know about TDS. What is Deposit date of TDS for all categaries & Which challan or Form What is date of Submit tds return quarterly for in a Company & Which form fill up


I want to know whether entry tax is applicable for capital goods imported ? and is it applicable if imported capital goods purchased from dealer?

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What is the tds (194C) deposit date for the payment made to a contractor on 31 March.

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we have some central purchase bill against c form i want c form against this bill what requirment for form because we have not recived any c form from the cst office please advice me what i do . thanks


what is the tds rs for commision , and other

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what is the difference between FBT and Income Tax.both are interrelated with each other or not?if not then why

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what is cash credit limit please give me answer in detail

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what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process?


HOw to pass vat adjustment entry while paying vat return?

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I want to know the TDS ammount which deducted by company.

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Sir please confirm job work sale for clothes shat d1 yes & no


certificate of export is for which items?


is WCT applicable one time? and what will be rate of WCT in UP State?


What's format of CMO & CMA Data?


Sir, We purchased coal from NCL on CST basis. An incentive is paid on the basis of performance basis of NCL. NCL Raise there incentive bill for Rs. 1000+CST2% Rs.20 Total Rs. 1020/-. But As per Our Calculation, Incentive bill should be Rs. Basic 900+18 (CST)total Rs. 918. We argue and disputed and paid only Rs. 918/- . After Some time they also agree that incentive amount should be Rs. 900+CST but Now they revised the bill like this Basic Incentive Rs. 900+CST Rs.20/- (Original Tax value). And now they are demanding C for with CST 20/- but our pleas is that we are not liable for the mistakes made by the NCL and will issue C for for Rs. 18 Only. Now They are demanding C for for difference of Rs. 2 of CST. My Question is what should be the actually value of C form for CST ie. Rs. 18 or 20. considering the fact that we accounted only rs. 918/- in books and disputed is resolved after one year for basic value.


In TDS Challan, i had written the TAN No of my company wrongly and i file it to the Govt. what can i do now? is there any problem reg this? wat is my next step? shall i give any letter to TDS Circle in this regarding? how can i approach them? Kindly help me immdly with the procedure.


what Is the ITc Claimed. how to utilized the ITC.


What are the Treatment & Implications in interstate sales transactions if party is unregistered dealer & having Exemption Certificate or exempted.


anybody pls tell me about the service tax


What is meant by Cost of Improvement?


what is limit of form "16" or "31",c-form & form "11" or 3b during the issued on one time.


Hi, I am working in MNC, I Want to Know about TDS. What is Deposit date of TDS for all categaries & Which challan or Form What is date of Submit tds return quarterly for in a Company & Which form fill up


What is the commitment to the bankers against L/C ? They need any colletral Security or any deposit ? What is terms & conditions of L/c?


tds will be charged by hotel industry on what


what are the benifits available to become and EOU in all taxes, such as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise, Custom