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Taxation Interview Questions
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plz tell what is current rate of depriciation as per income tax .

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What is Tax Audit ? Brief description please

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When i deduct TDS from my Sundry Creditor, i have to provide him TDS Certificate, after submitting the TDS Certificate to the party what Procedure i have to follow from my Company ?


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TDS Reimbursment? Iam 2 tipper owned small transporter and TDS diduct in my transport bills. can any body tell me how can i reimburse my TDS and what are the procedure for reimbursment and what are forms, papers to be required, tell me please.

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what is sevice tax present rate

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what is the lat date of tds deposit for march 2009 ASSESSMENT YEAR 2009-10

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what is exice duty & what are the exicesable goods

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I want know about the type of taxes? Why a company charged lesser tax against the 'C'form. what is th role of 'C' form and what is the custome duty and percentage of custome duty?

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I'm a Taiwaness, and my boss have investment in india. I have a question about TDS. If I rent a one day car that doesn't sign any contract or agreement, should I pay the TDS or should I dedcut TDS from payment of this expenditure.

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what is vat?


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Can anybody tell me that what is the difference among ER- 1,ER-2,ER-5 and also write please applicablity circuler/rule for its limitation or please advice me the best book related rules which is helpful for excise accounting. "THANKS IN ADVANCE"

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what is fbt@ ,sd @


top ten excise rules????

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service tax present rate

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If party selled material to us agst c form in FY 2008-09, can we booked that bill in apr-09 (FY 2009-10). Is there any problem for issuing "c" form?

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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

How many turnover company active TAN no applicable and how many deduction % of service.


can penalty be imposed under sec 96 of vat act west bengalfor goods destroyed or damaged


What is DSCR and how to calculate the same.


How can the management breakup the salary of employee(if salary Rs.10000/-) which % they calculate the Basic,T.A,D.A,H.RA.and e.t.c.


Dear Friends, Hai, i want to Know that How To Fill ETDS Return. Kindly Tell I'wll we very thankful to you. Deepak Gupa


how to get input credit in vat & service tax


service tax


What is meant by Cost of Improvement?


we issued the H form for the 1st quarter 2014-15 but in the 2A we posted the wrong TIN no of party and H form is also contains the wrong TIN No.if anybody know the correct procedure for correction of H Form kindly tell us. 


If a person have been appointed as a Director in more than one company, what is the rule of paying Prof. tax ? Is Directors prof .Tax has to be paid by all the Companies whre he is a director.?


should we can take modvat benefit any time or they have some limit time to take input benefit claim?


how many sale tax charged on the billing for central dealer by uttar pradesh dealer at furniture items ? & how many sale tax charged for u.p. dealer by up dealer ?


How to Prepare Balance Sheet for Annual Tax Assessment. Do You Have any Format, Please send on (


How to calculate sales tax ?


What is means by Central Excise ? How to calculate Central Excise ? Central Excise form No. is ?