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Taxation Interview Questions
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what is procedure to get c form? what is procees to get vat /tin no


What is the implication in the subsequent sale to local party for the goods received from other state Non-Presentation of E-1 form : If 'A' of Rajasthan (Supplier) supplies goods directly to 'C' of Gujarat (Consignee) on instruction of 'B' of Gujarat (Buyer). There is no presentation of E-1 form. Question : Can tax be charged in the invoice of sale from 'B' to 'C' ?? If any, what will be charged..VAT or CST?

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how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material


What is the eligibility criteria of C-Form(Manufacturing goods of borewell bits, Hammers, Drilling Tools and Air compressors, etc..). If such company will purchase safety shoes, buyer can eligible to issue C-Form?

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How to calculate basic price, whether excise duty is 14.42, cess 2%,education tax 1%

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If my Basic Salary is Rs.23000/- than what is the tax impact on it ie PF,ESIC,PT & TDS with calculation.  and also if i had received only 9mth salary.  

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what is WCT rate in chhattisgarh



What is meant by asset clearance . how should i make my entries in tally


what is deffered tax asset


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cst rates



What is Cenvat 

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Basing on what we can made TDS payment


A ca charge a bill on his client of rupees 100000 and charge service tax @ 12.36%, party make payment after dedicate tds @10% what enters be made in the books of CA and party.

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what is use of form D, F, G, H, in Mvat

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What is the difference between Indian and us taxation


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how we can access the Tax Deduction through PAN ?.


How to working service tax in excel sheet?


I am an employee in a IT Company. While filling out the form it prompts to fill - Details of Tax deducted at source from Salary (as per form16) and then it again prompts to fill - Details of Advance tax and Self Assessment Tax. if i fill both the columns, i get end result as 2 times of Tax i paid and a refund.


how to calculate vat, st, cst, excise duty, customs duty, tds.


How to calculate long term capital gain


Hello Sir, Please send the knowing calculation of attrition rate?


What is income tax? How is it calculated?


which is the first liability for pay Service Tax to GOvt


What is Stock Reconciliation Statement , why we make the Stock Reconciliation Statement.


what is highseas purchase and sales? how is custom duty calculated? what are the criteria for a person dealing in shares comes under tax audit? whether all equity oriented fund are eligble for stt?


how to calculate deffered tax, relating to company.. pls explain with examples.. also about timing differences..


If i want to change a proprietor concern yo a partnership concern. do i have to pay full tax on every product i have in stock or just simple make a partnership deed and apply a new pan card and register in sale tax department ?


How to determine TDS on Salary ? what are Limit for HRA ,insurance premium , Loan installment, children education fee etc. what type of Deductions for salary. please Explain Full and complete this concept with one example which cover all aspects regarding TDS on Salary.


assessee is a developer. menthod of accounting- mercantile. he sold a flat to party , registration has been done in financial year 2012-13. but he has taken the sale next financial year on the ground that one cheque has been credited in the next financial year. can the assessee's claim can be considered for taxation purpose


I am working as account in one of the logistics company for one year. I would like to know about service tax and how can I post necessary entries