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Taxation Interview Questions
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What is Deferred tax??

QX Limited,

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Dear Sir, i am doing excise part, now I have a dout Please clarify any one. my question is I submitted July month return in before 10th August. But we sold material in july to x party excise value 12% - 1000, 2% - 20 and 1% - 10 Rupees respectively, we paid this amount in the same month it's no problem sir. but now x party reject the material and invoice in september month. may i adjuste above paid amount in september month return? How can i adjuste and where can i metione this details in Excise return? please give answer it's help full for me. Advance thanks for every one reply.

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The limit of cash payment made towards frieght when parties given pan cards and truck number


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difference between tax invoice and retail invoice

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is vat applicable on services as well? please describe the services under vat?   

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What are the excise duties in our state?


What is the penalty of non payment or late payment of Service Tax, VAT, TDS?


What is the difference between Road permit and Way bill ?

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I am an employee in a IT Company. While filling out the form it prompts to fill - Details of Tax deducted at source from Salary (as per form16) and then it again prompts to fill - Details of Advance tax and Self Assessment Tax. if i fill both the columns, i get end result as 2 times of Tax i paid and a refund.


what is latest rate of vat cst service tax. what is contractor tds rate.


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how to calculate vat?

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can penalty be imposed under sec 96 of vat act west bengalfor goods destroyed or damaged



we issued the H form for the 1st quarter 2014-15 but in the 2A we posted the wrong TIN no of party and H form is also contains the wrong TIN No.if anybody know the correct procedure for correction of H Form kindly tell us. 


What is RITC under UP VAT. and How it is calculated.



Whether Luxury Tax should be collected on Tariff or on discounted tariff.

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What is c.s.t slab on furniture & fixture ?


Why service tax payable is not considered while calculating Wct Tds.


Our company refundable ST amount but we dont want to refund amt but i want to adjust that refund amount anywhere


Hi, I need the clarification in Tax Rate in Karnataka for Frozen foods like Paratha, Briyani, Pasta's Please share the information for me


What are the types of provident funds?


How do I get a C form with the bank Guarantee?


What are the deductions under salary head? Name the items.


what is the rate of interest when an assesse paid tax after the due date in the prescribed time limit?


Making delivery challan is possiable between two branch of difference code


What do u mean by sales tax and who are sales tax practitioner ?


should pranav mukherjee has done things good, by giving burden to vodafone a huge tax will not affect our fdi???


Does the tax liability of an individual get affected due to his residential status? If yes, explain.


What are the streamlined sales and use tax agreement?


which form is used for issuance of C Form ,F form etc. from Sale tax Authority (Haryana), when should be apply? what documents to be submitted?