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Vimal Interview Questions
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railway exam in asst loco pilot old test paper

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Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it(should not use big integers and exponential functions)

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what is latest rate of vat cst service tax. what is contractor tds rate.

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in my project..TEST is db2 8.1 version In PROD it is 7.1 if i do REORG in TEST.. can I use the same REORG jcl with out modification in PROD region (this is DB2 8.1 )? if not, what modification i need to do in my REORG control card?


pleas send me the syllabus of rrb je examination(mechanical)


< DL Compact > tag is used for


A company canteen needs an automated system for its food and beverage management. The canteen receives food and beverage items from different distributors. All the non perishable items are stored in the store-room and the perishable items are put in the fridge. The manager should be able to add, delete or update food and beverage items onto the system and perishable and non perishable item details are to be stored separately. Both waiters and the cooks should be able to update the perishable items, but only the cooks should be allowed to update the non perishable items. Both cooks and waiters are not allowed to add or delete any items that are entered. identify the Schema, Table , Fields


junior engineeer (railway previous questions)


How can you move the master database


can anybody tell me what is release process of company? release note?


Relative to other technical groups in the company? Relative to your staff?


Does the president have the power to allocate funds,without Legislative approval, to be used directly by individual companies?




what of issues/tickets face genrally in real time


have u shared any lighter moment with customercare executive in ur life tell me ur experience


kaise hum ek ias banna chahte hai


One of the optimizing technique to improve the session performance is push down optimization,by using push down optimization we push as much as transformation logic to source/target database,but this degrades the d/b performance,how to overcome this?


Since the interest rates on fixed deposits are very low as compared to the other growth oriented investment options, what are the permitted investment options that a public trust like that of a private school or small credit societies have and which are permitted by charity commissioner, Mumbai


Vimal Interview Questions
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