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Huawei Core Java Interview Questions
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what is the difference between static block and static method

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In the first round, there are 30 aptitude and 30 java questions. We are suppose to finish both the papers within 60 minutes. I cleared this round. Next was test for programming skills. In this section, Some 7 n's were asked. 1. What is the difference b/w sleep(1000) and wait(1000) 2. what is the diff b/w static block and static function? 3. Write a program to validate IP address using string tokenizer. 4. Write a program to create singleton class 5. write a function to reverse the string 6. Write a prog to print prime nos upto n. EX: If n=9, It shld print 1,2,3,5,7 7. One program on collections- Write a program to print no. of times a number is repeating in an array. EX- {1,3,1,2,5,7,3,7,34,3,8,3} It should print: 1- 2 times 3- 4 times and so on 7. Write a func to print fibonocci series After this I had technical interview, which went on for. 60 mins or so. There were qn's about multi threading, Exception handling and collection classes. Knowledge about collections was very important for the post I was interviewed for.

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why is multiple inheritance not allowed in java?

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hi to all. well can you please tell me that why String class is immutable? Thanks in advance.

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perpare on factorypattern,linklist wothout using collection, (multitharding ie create producer/customer therad producer create Queue continuesly,consumer consume queue, consumer wait if queue is full,producer wait if queue is empty),diff betn sleep(1000)&wait(1000) these r the main Q ask in huawei(2008)

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write java code to print second max number in the array

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Write java code to print "Hello how are you" Thread1 should have "Hello" Thread2 should have "how are you" both the threads should start at the same time

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Program to output as below formate: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Program to find greatest prime number in n numbers?

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program to validate the IP address? Validity range should be 0 to 255

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question on Thread synchronization

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diff b/w sleep(1000) and wait(1000)?

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I have an HashMap object, which has with key and value pair. It has 10 keys and values in that object. Now the question is I want insert new key and value in middle or any where in that list but not at the end or at the top. Is it possible or not. If yes how can we achieve this one?

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How can we handle runtime exceptions? write one sample program? Can we write runtime exceptions beside the throws key word? if yes write sample program?

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JSP is by default thread safe or not? what is the meaning of isThreadSafe="true" and isThreadSafe="false". Explain it? Thanks, Seenu

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