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Huawei C Interview Questions
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write a program to find out number of on bits in a number?

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write a program to swap Two numbers without using temp variable.

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what is the difference between getch() and getchar()?

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how to exchnage bits in a byte b7<-->b0 b6<-->b1 b5<-->b2 b4<-->b3 please mail me the code if any one know to

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how memory store byte

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program to find middle element of linklist?

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program to find error in linklist.(i.e find whether any node point wrongly to previous nodes instead of next node)


pgm to find any error in linklist(in single linklist check whether any node points any of previous nodes instead of next node)


pgm to find middle element of linklist(in efficent manner)

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How to Clear last bit if it 1 using Macro TURN_OFF_BIT_LAST

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program to locate string with in a string with using strstr function

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#include #include void main() { int i; if(1,0,2,3) { printf("if"); } else { printf("else"); } getch(); } Can any body tell the answer of this question with explanation?

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3. Program to print all possible substrings. ex: String S St Str Stri Strin String t tr tri trin tring r

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find the sum of two matrices and WAP for it.


Difference between constant pointer and pointer to a constant.


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