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Huawei Interview Questions
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What is "strstream" ?

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A person is standing at the top of a 100mt building, he has a rope 75mts long and the only way he can come down is through the rope. He can cut the rope also he can tie the rope at any point on the building, but he cant jump and ofcourse dont even think about the stairs :D Find out the best way he'll come down.

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1. fill in teh blanks with multiple options given 2. A figure of Index and tables tab a. a short description on index and table tab b. explain all teh fields and buttons on index and tables tab c. write a procedure to create index and table 3. rewrite the sentences 4. write a short paragraph on any one a. client server b. internet search engine c. 5. write any two procedure of the following: a. how to do railway reservation b. steps to prepare tea c. open microsoft word assuming computer is shut down d. 6. answer following: a. switches types b. NGN c. OSI layers d. tcp/ip e. packet switching


1992 Feb have 5 Sundays. In which year, the month Feb have 5 Sundays next?


How many 3-digit numbers will be there which are divisible by 19?


How many 3-digit numbers with atleast one 5 in their digits?


In a party there are women and cats.There are 18 heads and 72 legs altogether. How many women and cats?


The distance b/w 2 places is 1000 miles and a man has a camel which eats an apple/mile. He has 3000 apples and want to transport from one to another. Camel can take 1000 apples at a time. when reaching the destination how many apples will be with him?


There is 12 perls. One of them is either light or heavy than others. There is a weighing pan. How many trials are needed to find the exceptional one.


There is a work which can be completed by A with 12 days and B by 18 days. A and B works together for 3 days and B left. After that how many days for A to complete the work?


find the next term 0, 6, 24, 120, -


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