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GVK Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is method development parameter in HPLC method development

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why chiral compounds will rotate the plane polarized light in SoR.

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How do you verify the primary,secondary and tertiary amines by IR-Spectroscopy.

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calibrtion procedue of LC-MS


How you will select the runtime in HPLC for a drug in method development.

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If compound Pka is 5 then which buffer you will select ?

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why KF factor is between 4.5 to 7.5 mg/ml ? why ? why sometime pyridine is used in analysis like in raw material solvent like acetone etc?

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what are the normalisation, internal standard and external standerd methods in HPLC.

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Why Peak Purity is not determined in GC analysis?

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what is the importence and role of LCMS and LCMS/MS and their applications? which type of compounds are analysis by lcms?


what is Fourier Transform

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Why sulfuric acid is used in sulphated ash / residue on ignition test.

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why 0.005 M sulphuric acid is used to calbrate spectrophotometer and why caffiene is used for calibrating hplc

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why use k2cr2o7 , kcl h2so4 in uv calibration

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what is GLP? Which industries it requried?

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