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GVK Interview Questions
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transformers parts & function of each parts

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what is the difference between droop mode and ischnorous mode in thermal powerplant?


mean of NH4 pipe


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Engineering method, why need is column kiker??? what is necessity??


What precaution u take when doing rs preparing


What would be the size of wire used for 2 Ton of window A.C?


why incomer bay is required before transformer bay if there are more than 1 nos. of transformer bay.


What are the types of line styles available in Treeview Control?


If a partner works as a dealer and distributor and have the same master data. How does the system identify if its a dealer or distributor function? Where is the differentiation done?


Can any one explain me how profitability analysis s implemented in Sap & tell me which tables get effected by this... i want to know about copa_derive msgtypes also...


8. Why do you want to work here?


What kind of Reporting you do?


what is the differencce inn series and cascade connection??


please provide wct retun guide line how can prepaire that


deffered tax treatment in financial statements


What are the different Types of Polling in RLC A.M Mode


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  What is CONNECT ID?


GVK Interview Questions
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