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Grasim Interview Questions
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can Constraints cannot be exported through EXPORT command ?

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Procedure for conduting vector group test on power transformers.why it is conducted?

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What is meaning of bearing nos.?

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What are the dimensions of 1)Standard Brick 2)Nominal Brick What is the difference between them in terms of use ?

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How we can calculate the consumption in kwh of motor on basis of kw @100% load, @50% load & @ no load.


What is ERW & shedule & seamless pipe? and whas the IBR grade pipe.

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Sir, I am working as a Instrument Engineer in Grasim Industries. Can any body provide question answer for interview purpose


Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.


why we use four type of phase angle difference between pimary & secondry winding of a transformer & where we use them?


How to calculate the current carrying capacity of electrical cables

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which question ask me in grasim in inerview?


which protection are used for turbo generator in thermal power plant.

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As per X-ray Fluorescence theory, when material particle is irradiated with X-ray the electron of innermost orbital of that element atom is exited and emits outside of the atom as photoelecrons, living behind a hole in innermost orbital . This hole is filled by outer orbital electrons. The question is that finely what happens to that photo electon which is emitted outside of the atom?

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In testing of Cement the formula for water requirement for setting time is as below- Water required for setting time = NC x 0.85 The question is that what is the logic of 0.85 in this formula??


how can we caliberate interface level troll

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cud any one send me tech quest paper(civil engg) at


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