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  • Allsec Technologies interview questions (23)

Allsec Technologies Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to see after few years?

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why did you want tojoin the call center?

25 33947

Tell about your collegeday life

29 40902

Tell me something about your hometown.

35 276976

Why did u choose a bpo carrier?

28 174735

What do you know about our company?

11 15455

What would you do for us? What can you do for us that someone else can't?

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What about the job offered do you find the most attractive? Least attractive?

3 14086

What do you look for in a job?

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Please give me your definition of a .... (the position for which you are being interviewed).

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How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?

14 45337

tell me something about your happiest moment

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Why are you trying for Inhternational call center????

2 6698

Who is your role model?

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How describe our city(hyderabad) in a topic round during the interview time?

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Allsec Technologies Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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