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FMCG Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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What do you see as the key skills in closing?

1 13893

tell me about the difference between marketing and sales

33 80144

how to sell the product into new customer

17 29782

If Selected, What will be your first Task as a Marketing Executive?

3 12683

what is the biggest achievement in your last? job as i worked as a marketing executive in icici for personal loans

2 11296

What is ROI?

8 15945

What is primary & 2ndory sales ?

11 45723

what you have learn from your MBA?

6 26629

what you have learn from your project report?

5 9247

which suggetions you have give to your company? this question regarding to project report.

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If the product has fail can you sell that to customer?

14 21232

what exatly leadership means?what r the qualities required for it?

4 11724

how should i handle the distributors in fmcg

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if company is not giving the proper service to dealers then how you solve the problem

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How will you sell a product which is not well knowned or recognized in the market?

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