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Fidelity Manual Testing Interview Questions
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If there is no sufficent time for testing & u have to complete the testing then what will u do?

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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What is performance Testing and Regression Testing?

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Expalin about metrics Management?

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Write the Testcases for Telephone

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What are the Defect Life Cycle?

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Explain the STLC?

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what are the contents of a test plan?

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what is low seviority high priority defet (ex: Yahoo mail)

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Genarally what we have to tell. If anybody asks in the interview. what are challenges u faced in the Project and what are the Risks u faced in the Project, Anybody can suggest it ......Thanks in Advance....


Who will be assigning severity and priority for a bug?

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Which one is done first, either testcases or test scenario?

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Preference should be given for High priority bug or Critical severity bug?

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How will u Identify Defect Duplication

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Post New Fidelity Manual Testing Interview Questions

Fidelity Manual Testing Interview Questions

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