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Fidelity SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is data integrity

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what is sql optimization

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what is sql profiler

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How will you debug your procedure? If your procedure is around 2000 lines and the expected output is 10 and we get only output 5.So how will you debug it? Somebody pls give the correct answer?

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How can we Get the Updated Rows? ie, There is 100s of Rows i updated the Rows who have salary 5000. then i want to select the Updated Rows. How can we achieve it?

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i have a table with fields(id,name,accnt_type)and in account type are FD,SAVING,RD. Write a query to get How many number of People are in each type of Account?

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wa procedure to return the month and the no'f developers joined in each month.

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using cursors salesman get bonus as 10% of their salary , managers get 20% , analalist get 30%. generae a report showing the employee name, salary , bonus.

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sales persons should always receive commission of 100 at least. employees who r not sales persons should never receive commission.(Triggers)

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Fidelity SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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