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Fidelity Core Java Interview Questions
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what is dynamic method dispatch ?

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suppose string s1="rajnish"; string s2="bhaskar"; then what will be happend ?

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what is the Arraylist limit (maximum) by default ?

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can you create interface instance ?

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which one the better thread emplemented thread or extended ?

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if i have one string class then how can you achive this class functionality of this class?

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can abstract class have constructor how can you achive this ?

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what is difference betwwen hashmap and hashtable ?

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Difference between Encapsulation and Abstraction

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What is aggregation and composition ?

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Can we add default constructor to Servlet?

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How do u pass data from one jsp to another jsp?

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Differentiate storage classes on the basis of their scope?


Describe the syntax of multiple inheritance? When do we use such an inheritance?


How is tree Mirroring implemented?


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Fidelity Core Java Interview Questions

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