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Fidelity QTP Interview Questions
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There are 3 types of frame works in QTP 1. Linear frame work 2. Modular frame work 3. Key word driven frame work. Can any body explain the above 3 frame work models.

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how to select the work for complete automation and one more thing when u are going to choose automation

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Hello friends can anybody tell me about the architecture of QTP with diagram of it.this architecture is same for any domain like ERP/Banking/CRM/Healthcare or it's different then please tell me.thanks

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how interviews will be on QTP?


suppose i have one datatable in my datatable in 2 nd row 3rd column one link is ther i need to validate that link how do u do this?(wipro)

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Does UNIX support QTP? If not what is the other tool used for Unix environment?

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Can anyone please explain me the process of automating an application using QTP as i am new to this?

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Fidelity QTP Interview Questions

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