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Equate Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What will happened if the neutral of secondary of Xformer ( Star point) Note it's above KVA rated Xformer


Why HT motor is connected in Star?

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In india, according to trade theory above 5 HP motor reqired star delta starter. But we R connect 11 KV motor with 14MW in Direct to line ( With VCB starter combination) Can U Guess, How it is possible ?????


Why DC exitation to AC Generator? Why not AC?

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Which type starter is used for synchronous motor?

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What is infinite Busbar?

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Why neutral point is consider as zero potential?


What is Nominal voltage?

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What is floating earthing?

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What are the different methodes for calculating the short circuit Current?


What will be result if we connect LT votage to the terminal of HT motor?


What will be result if we connect LT votage to the terminal of HT Transformer?

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How to select the different contactors ( starter combination) for different AC motors? what about fuse cappacity 4 different motors too?

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Can Induction motor run at over rated speed? ( 15oo rpm is rated speed for 50HZ. is it possible to ride 3000 RPM with same motor with the help of VVVFD for continues ride of 100HZ)

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HT motors are generally connected in star, what will be the effect if we connect HT motor in Delta?

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Equate Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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