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DLF Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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advantage and dis adventagesof using crusher dust insted of sand in rcc works

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how to calculate reinforcment in staircase cranked beam?


What is the calculation for finding cement and sand for 10' * 12' area ratio 1:6 thickness 12 mm

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silt maximum in sand.

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what is characteristic strength of m20 concrete?

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define silt?

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what"s the formula find the cement consumption for brick work 12 thick wall 1 m2?

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What is the difference between RCC & PCC?

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what is pile and deam foundation


Ratio of cement : sand for fixing slab and tiles in the floor and also quantity of cement and sand requires for laying slab and tiles separately (area 100 sq. ft)

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why we are useing plastic under the lean concrete?and whts the advantage?


how to calculate 1:1.5:3 ratio concrete cement, sand, metal and water please give me brief calculation

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What is the Laplenth for Reinforcement for Verticl and horizontal Structures as per IS code?

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what is the allowable limit of wastage of cement for RMC at plant operated manualy

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what are the tests conducted on cement,aggregate and concrete?briefly explain that tests procedure and limits adopted for safety side.

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