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CybAge Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what you consider in security testing particularly in web applications?

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Interviewer asked me to write down the critical bugs in my career.i am working for the past 18 months in the banking domain. my answer didn't satisfied the interviewer,can any one help me to find out the critical bugs that may occur while working in banking domain?

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Define Brain Stromming and Cause Effect Graphing? With Eg?

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Test Track Pro. Defect report formate? what r the attibutes?

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what are the different types of SDLC?

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Can Someone tell me scenario in testing having low severity and high priority and vice versa

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As a tester, what is the final report u submitted to ur customer? please write it in tabular form?

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Tell the test cases to test Login Password screen?

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what is entry and exit criteria?

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How to test a website???

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What is Test Approach?

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What is driver and stub? where it is used, in top down or bottom up approach?

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Hi, Cybage had a walkin on 12 Sep 09 in Pune. I had cleared the technical round. Does anyone know the hr id to submit the documents? And also did anyone got a call for HR round? Please reply. It’s urgent.

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Explain me in detail V model with diagram?

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What would be your action if client would raise a bug after release?

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