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CS Interview Questions
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where is the bw reporting details are availble(web sites,pdfs)

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tell me infoobject errors?

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The Indian Constitution is in structure (a) federal (b) unitary (c) rigid (d) partly unitary partly federal

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what is the advantage of function pointer

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Which of the following units of the Department of Atomic Energy takes care of entire requirement of Uranium Oxide Fuels and Zirconium alloy components for the nuclear power reaction in India? 1 Heavy Water Board 2 Nuclear Power Corporation 3 Nuclear Fuel Complex 4 None of these

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What is the diferrence between a balance sheet and a capital account????

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What is the difference between single point tax and value added tax?

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How many steps we can overide in the proc's?

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How to retain the Duplicates in the one records?

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What is difference between Step Up Transformer & Booster Transformer? can we used instead of any one?

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In inline " expression passed as argument are evalauated once " while in macro "in some cases expression passed as argument are evaluated more than once " --> i am not getting it plz help to make me understand....


Is there thumb rule to calculate how many Insulators to be used for Transmission line of different volatges

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What do you mean by Prelimnery Expenses ? How do you Account for? Can it be Written Off? How?


if neutral earthing is weak of a system then how can we improve it ? Technically explanation ??

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What is Test Data ? Explain

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