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CS Law AllOther Interview Questions
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What do you mean by Prelimnery Expenses ? How do you Account for? Can it be Written Off? How?


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When Recovery scenario actually starts while testing the application?


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1 Crystal Ball 1.1 Purpose This is a simple tool, for entertainment purposes only. 1.2 Scope Only for registered user. 1.3 User Interface Single page with graphic of crystal ball, and text box for typing question. User has to type her question in text box outside ball. Reports: - On ‘submit’, the system needs to access any one of the pre-stored responses at random and display in a graphical, visually appealing manner in the crystal ball. - Audio / graphical changes need to be built in, for added user experience enhancement, like music, sound effects, visual changes. Need to get details.


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CS Law AllOther Interview Questions
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