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CS JCL Interview Questions
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How many steps we can overide in the proc's?

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Its regarding Javascript coding for customization in BI4 reports. We need to have all the options disabled in the report except the option to Export(save the report in computer in Excel/pdf formats). I am able to hide TopBar,TabBar,Left Navigation etc but I need "Export" option to be displayed to the users in Read mode. Can this selective "hiding" be achieved?


How to set on/off a group of indicators in a single statement?


why ct ,cvt should be stored in a vertical position?


what are the reports developed in sap bw project and what is the requirement for developing it?


why orfice is not used for main steam flow calculation


why centrifugal pump used in and axial pump in F.D. fan


what are the main faults that occur in stabilizers? How they corrected and resolved ? Types of stabilizers ?


how to select overload-relay for perticular motor 1.for D.O.L. starter 2. for Star-delta starter ????


are tpt, freight & packing charges part of sales & purchase ??


Find out the list of authorization objects which contains activity as a field? Thanks in advance.


How do you handle multiple banners(at the top the page, the banner is scrolling) in a web page(Dont take the name property(regular expression))


what is tripstop report?


Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge work with Microsoft J++?


if the server has slow how to check the server performance? How to check server performance what is the procedure?


If we add regular expressions to a script recorded in QTP, will it effect the performance of the script?


CS JCL Interview Questions
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