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Crea QTP Interview Questions
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How QTP recognizes Objects in AUT?

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What are the types of Object Repository’s in QTP?

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How does QTP identifies the object in the application?

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If an application name is changes frequently i.e while recording it has name "Window1" and then while running its "Windows2" in this case how does QTP handles?

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What is Parameterizing Tests?

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What is test object model in QTP?

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What is Object Spy in QTP?

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What is the Diff between Image check-point and Bit map Check point?

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How many ways we can parameterize data in QTP?

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How do u do batch testing in WR & is it possible to do in QTP, if so explain?

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How does u create new test sets in TD?

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How do u do batch testing in WR & is it possible to do in QTP, if so explain?

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How to Import data from a ".xls" file to Data table during Runtime.

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How to export data present in Datatable to an ".xls" file?

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Syntax for how to call one script from another and Syntax to call one "Action" in another?

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Crea QTP Interview Questions
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