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Crea QTP Interview Questions
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Differences between QTP & Winrunner?

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How to add a runtime parameter to a datasheet?

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Analyzing the Checkpoint results ?

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Explain about Table and DB Checkpoints?

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Explain about Checking Bitmaps?

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Expalin Text/Text Area Checkpoint

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Explain Checking XML....

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Object Repositories types, which & when to use?

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Can we Script any test case with out having Object repository? or Using Object Repository is a must

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How to execute a WinRunner Script in QTP?

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How to handle Run-time errors?

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How to change the run-time value of a property for an object?

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How to open any application during Scripting?

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Types of properties that Quick Test learns while recording?

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What is the extension of script and object repository files?

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