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College School Exams Tests Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How foundation is designed, Column design and beam design


what is tmc ,term is used in measureing water, pls tell me 1 tmc = how many litres?

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how much cement,sand,aggregate will use for 1 cum in ratio of 1:2:4.

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Design a cantilever type retaining wall to retain sand for 4m above the ground. The sand fall slopes at the rate of 1 vertical to 2 horizontal. The weight of sand is 18000 N/m3, the angle of repose being 30. The safe bearing capacity of the soil is 200 kn/m2 at 1/25m below the ground level. Use m 15 concrete mix.


What is the amount on nails per bag needed for 1m square of wooden form work?

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What is the compressive strength of noramal clay bricks and AAC bricks??. which one is better for load bearing wall//

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Which concrete grade and cement/water ratio is the best?

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why are use steel with conc. instead use of other type materials.

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Post New College School Exams Tests Civil Engineering Interview Questions

College School Exams Tests Civil Engineering Interview Questions

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