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College School Exams Tests Non Technical Interview Questions
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College School Exams Tests Non Technical Interview Questions

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Please find below tickets...if anybody has idea about the solutions plz giv answer ASAP.. · Leave Encashment Calculation for Trainee · On-Line Test · Disability Infotype · Balances in SAP HR module is not reconciliation · Change of State of HQ's · 1-NDFL form · ESOP – capture of Grants; Vesting and Ex · Need to modify the programe ZVENDOR_BLOC · Online Assessment Tool - Modifications · Issue in Leave quota generation · New Income Tax slab Rates-VR Payment · Unable to add absence quota balances · Grant on Child care in HR · Vacation compensation after employee left · Issues with Initial Set-up · file cannot be downloaded in speadsheet, · Bifurcating Payroll Area · Ptax Calculation · Leave quota is not displaying in Portal


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i want to know the interview format fot gail, instrumentation. pls answer me in


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1.can we transfer a request from one struts application to another struts application? 2. how many types of action servlets r there what r they