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College School Exams Tests Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is the meaning of rates in(rent,rates and tax) what is the meaning of contribution in margin of safety. what is the equity? and what single entry system? i want heavy explanation regarding these questions. thank you in advance reply soon bye!

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what is Assets & Liabilities ?

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Explain how the following transactions would be recorded in a cash book with Cash and Bank columns? i) Deposit of cash into Bank ii) Withdrawal of money from Bank for office use iii) Deposit of cheques (received from others) into Bank iv) Dishonour of cheques deposited into Bank I need a detailed answer..thanks..

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how to pass return cheque entry in tally erp 9 

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I am a Leaving Cert Student. From Solutions to exam questions etc. I know what to do with the following adjustment but I cannot explain why. A thypical Adjustment is: A building is acquired for €60000 plus VAT at 10%. The amount paid to the Vendor was entered in the Buildings Account. No entry made in the VAT account. Could you explain why the VAT amount is deducted from the VAT amount in the TB? And why it is sometimes an Asset in the BS. Thank you, Mary


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College School Exams Tests Accounting General Interview Questions

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