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College School Exams Tests Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What r the 3 types of System testing

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What are cookies? tell me the advantage and disadvantage of cookies?

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write high level test cases

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What is Alpha and Beta Testing?

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What is difference between SDLC and STLC?

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test cases for internet explorer

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what are the examples for web based applications and Client Server Applications

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1.What is end-to-end Testing 2.What ist the difference between WebBased Testing and Application Testing

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What is Difference between White-box Testing and Unit testing?

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what the diff b/w verification and validation

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What is the difference between V model and W model?

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How will you divide two numbers without using the division operator?

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Write scenarios as on a paper cup (which we use to have tea) [Believe me, they can ask any type of question! :)]

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College School Exams Tests Manual Testing Interview Questions

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