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Broadridge Interview Questions
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given the following: 77 A PIC 9V9 VALUE 9.5 77 B PIC 9 VALUE 9. 77 C PIC V9 VALUE 0.8 77 D PIC 9 77 E PIC 9 77 F PIC 9V999 what are the contenta of D E nad F after the following statements are executed: COMPUTE F ROUNDED=A+C/B MULTIPLY A BY C GIVING E ADD B C A GIVING D ROUNDED a.F=9.589 E=8 D=1 b.F=9.589 E=8 D=9 c.F=9.589 E=7 D=9 d.F=9.589 E=7 D=1

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what is the definition of derivative, what is a security?

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1. How to capture data from images in QTP and produce them in Excel sheet

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If you change something in web.config file.Do u need to compile again?

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In Webtable New rows getting added, we have select the name as Sandeep ,If name column is sandeep then need to check the checkbox ,we don't know the rows and columns ,Can anyone please tell me the answer.

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