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Broadridge Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What is subprime crisis ?

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What is Corporate Action ?

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What Is Systematic & Unsystematic Risk ?

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HEDGING is good or bad, because if one get loss, it will make others rich....clarify with practical example?

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what is the difference between sd account key and fi account key?what si a variant and its use?


I want to do Certification course in QTP. For this I request you to suggest the best Tutorial in PDF format, if possible, kinldy mail PDF file to my mail-ID: Regards, krishna.


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c program to compute Income tax and Net Salary for its employees. The company offers tax relief of Kshs. 650 for single employees and Kshs. 1,100 for married employees. The relief will be deducted from the Gross salary, to give the taxable income. This will be computed at the following rates: [10mks] Taxable Income Rate (%) <5000 0 5000-19999 6 20000-36999 9 37000 and above 16


Giraffe in Arabic means "the highest of all." The height of a giraffe is an average of 5 m, its mass is about 800 kg and hooves is an area of approximately 625 cm2. Using a straw from a material nedeformabil a giraffe trying to drink water from a lake, not to condescend. What is the ratio of the minimum pressure to be applied giraffe, mouth, at the end paiului to drink water and pressure of giraffe on the ground. The density of water. g = 10 m/s2


Broadridge Banking Finance Interview Questions
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