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Broadridge QTP Interview Questions
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1. How to capture data from images in QTP and produce them in Excel sheet

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Which line will be executed 1-B(DP).P( 2-B(OR).P(Or).Link(DP)

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In Datatable having the data like this Name Address 1 raj hyderabad 2 suresh Mumbai 3 shyam chennai 4 dev banglore i want to get the shyam row id & column id using scipting i.e 3,3

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In Developer view it is a high priority defect & in tester view it is a low severity defect what is that how to define with an example

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In Webtable New rows getting added, we have select the name as Sandeep ,If name column is sandeep then need to check the checkbox ,we don't know the rows and columns ,Can anyone please tell me the answer.

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