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NTT Data Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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1)I created business group and assigned profile classes in responsibility level, now my question is in GL add operting units page my BG not appering but VISION CORPORATIONS is coming. 2)in purchasing >financial options under human resource tab My BG is not coming but VISION CORPORATION is coming. How to solve this two.

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3)If you have awareness sin BG please tell me once i create BG and assingning profile classes to the responsibility then what to do whith that.

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1)I created a business group BG and assigned profile classes to that and my question is a)In purchasing financial options under human resource tab unable to see my BG but VISION CORPORATION is coming. b)at ledger level operating units page whenevr adding my OUs vision corporations are showing instead of my BG. 3)Tell me after create my BG assign profile classe to my RESP then wht is the next step with BG

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difference between primary ledger and secondary ledger in r12


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NTT Data Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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