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ACS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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There is a front end application to enter name and marital status. you are provided with a fesh database. On entering 5 set of data at a time an error occured, but on entering rest of the records you were not able to reproduce it. What could have been the reason for the error.

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How do you test a web application for dump and deaf??


There are 2 bugs A and B. A has High Severity and Low Priority , wherease B has Low Severity and High Priority. Which bug will you give more importance.

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There is an application which is to be used in different countries . My question is what are the most common checklst that are to be followed for testing it.

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This is the question related to Traceability Matrix. Say we have 10 requirements for a project. If one of the testing team member misses the 9th requirement. Then how can we justify the Traceability Matrix and what is the further action to be taken. Please advice.

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Hi, Anybody can explain me What is the Difference between 2- tier and 3-tier Architecture.

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what is entry and exit criteria?

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ACS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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